Leash Basics

We're always getting questions about our leashes. Here are a couple basic definitions to help you get started:


  • UltraLite: a .200mm cord used primarily for high-performance surfing when every ounce counts.
  • CompLite: a .220mm cord used by most shortboarders in waves under head-high.
  • Regular: a .270mm cord used by both shortboarders, in bigger waves, and by longboarders for all-around surfing conditions.
  • Big Wave: a .300mm cord used primarily for huge surf and by stand-up paddlers.


  • Straight: as the name implies, it is a cord without any twists or turns.
  • Coiled: these cords have been twisted to help keep them out of the water in order to minimize drag. Coiled leashes are usually used by spongers and stand-up paddlers (in flat conditions).

Our leashes come in a variety of sizes ranging from 38", for most body board leashes, to 15' for those heavy waves.