Tangle-Free Surfboard Leash


Tangle-Free™ Surfboard Leashes - Fact or Fiction?


I know you've heard a lot about the Surf More XM Tangle-Free™ surfboard leashes; but do you know what people are really saying? Check out this product review from Surfline.com:

"Okay, I have to admit when I first heard about this new Tangle-Free™ leash my internal gimmick B.S. alert went off--big time. But then I got my hands on the leash, and I started to see how it might really work. Every surfer I know has been hog-tied by his leash more times than he can count. This can range from the mild annoyance of getting tangled up, standing on the leash, or a missed wave to a pretty darn painful leash between-the-toes experience. All of which gets exponentially worse in large surf

At first glance, everything about this leash is the same as any other quality leg-rope you'd see hanging on the wall down at the surf shop. Same comfortable cuff. Sturdy Velcro. Double-swivel. Comes in comp weight or standard. But this one also has a little yellow, circular weight (slightly larger than a Lifesaver candy) which slides freely up and down the length of the cord. As you paddle, the weight causes the leash to trail your board in a gentle arc. As you sit in the lineup waiting for a wave, the weight sinks the leash so that it's not conspiring to coil up around your ankles and toes during a takeoff. The slider weighs just a half-ounce and though it may well cause some additional underwater drag, I couldn't feel the weight and didn't experience any drag. I was never even aware it was there. And, most importantly, I never once came even close to being hog-tied by the XM.

Is it possible to get tangled up in this leash? Sure. But based on our testing I can say you'll have way less chance of hog-tying incidents with the XM Tangle Free™. In the end, my skepticism turned to why-hasn't-anyone-thought-of-this-before? Bottom line: It works. And I'm going to buy another when this one wears out."

 Source: surfline.com